Do you have a horse racing fan to shop for this holiday season? Want a gift that’s not going to collect dust in the corner? What do you give to the person who has everything? Maybe even a gift for your favorite person…YOU? How about ownership in a thoroughbred racehorse, with no additional expenses after the low purchase price?

Blue Streak Racing introduces our 2nd annual Holiday Claiming Partnership: a no-expense claiming partnership at Aqueduct Racetrack, to get all us racing fans through an otherwise cold and dreary winter.

So, what are the details? Glad you asked! We’ve begun scouring the entries, looking for the best horse for our partners, and we’ll be looking to pull the trigger on a claim in the next few weeks. Up and coming trainer Natalia Lynch, who picked out last year’s Holiday Partnership horse, will be back at it this year.

What do you get?  Well, first let me tell you what you DON’T get.  

  • With Blue Streak Racing’s Holiday Partnership there’s NO micro shares, and NO bills.  

You DO get:  

  • Info on what races/horses we’re targeting for the claim.  
  • Actual ownership interest in the horse, and the ability to get licensed in NY (if 3% or more owned), and all the perks that come with it.  
  • Share in the horse’s purse earnings (and maybe even a win photo, like last year)!  
  • Barn and backstretch visits for morning training. 
  • Individual attention. We’ll walk you through any/all questions you have, and strive to make it a fun and interesting experience.
  • Relevant and timely updates on the horse, its training, and targeted races.  
  • And – of course – race day fun at the track (or from the warmth of your living room)!

And what is the cost of all this? Only $500 per share. What a bargain! This is a great way to become involved in the “Sport of Kings”, without spending a lot of gold coins to do so. Whether a seasoned track rat, or a horse racing neophyte, we promise this’ll be a fun and interesting endeavor.

How do you lock in your share? Just drop us a line at [email protected] to get started!  

All the best racing luck, and Happy Holidays from Blue Streak Racing!


Last year’s Holiday Partnership horse, Gentle Annie, won for us at Aqueduct (top, photo by Pro Joe). She’s now retired, and a Blue Streak Racing-owned broodmare (bottom, photo by Peggy Photos). 

The fine print: the partnership will be dissolved six (6) months from the date of claim, or sooner if the horse is claimed away, injured, or retired. Purse distribution will be a 60/40 split (60% going to the trainer, 40% to partners). Partners will be required to maintain a no-cost account on to receive purse earnings. If the required number of partners is not attained prior to December 20, 2022, the partnership will be dissolved and all monies refunded.

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